High quality products

JOVI products are manufactured using materials of the highest quality which ensure the safety of the smallest children. Our products are backed by a number of recognised authorities, thereby guaranteeing that the products are non-toxic and comply with strict national and international regulations.

In addition, at Jovi we are also concerned with developing our products sustainably and have had a strong commitment to the environment for over two decades.

Purifies its industrial waste, removing the colour from the water that has been used within the factory.

Constantly works on improving its processes, minimising water consumption.

Follows a waste management policy regarding containers and packaging to reduce the amount used and to ensure it is correctly recycled or destroyed.

Based on JOVI's commitment to care for the well-being of our users, we have issued an allergy table for our products with information about some of the main allergens.

Allergy Table

if you prefer.