JOVI is a Spanish manufacturing company, specialized in the manufacture of products for the promotion and development of art education. With over 75 years of experience, JOVI is a world leader in its sector, present in over 80 countries.


    • 1939


      José Salvador and Vicente Tejedo, two young friends from Barcelona, decided to create their own company's, making products for children's education. From a small loft, they create their first product: an eyeliner pencil and a hexagonal mine for school use. Join the first letters of their names (Jose and Vicente) and launched a brand known today by children and adults of ther worldwide.

    • 1940


      The first product they developed was the LAPIZ-HITO, which in its first version was a hexagonal crayon encased in a paper sleeve, the famous LÁPIZ-MINA.

    • 1942


      JOVI was moved from the family loft to the its first headquarters in Barcelona including factory, laboratories and offices. There, José and Vicente leave the tradicional manufacture process and invent their own machine to speed up processes. José Salvador devises advanced method of manufacturing and innovates creating new products. Vicente Tejedo explodes their sales and business skills.

    • 1955


      The company consolidated its position in the writing products market with highly successful brands of biros and propelling pencils such as FIBRO-PLAST, SUPER-LINE and the highly popular MILECHENTO.

    • 1960


      JOVI products are already present in Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and Portugal initiating the path of exporting that JOVI has never left. In a few years, JOVI expanded its factory to increase production.

    • 1964


      The famous PLASTICERUM formula was developed, which led to JOVI-PLAST plastilina, which is still renowned for its quality today. In the same year the company started exporting abroad.

    • 1972


      A fire destroys the factory of JOVI. The company decided to build the current factory in Rubi, close to Barcelona. The new factory, of 6,000 sqm, includes the latest technology and the best research teams of the time.

    • 1983


      Vicente Tejedo dies, and three years later, José Salvador. The two founders, left the company management in the hands of their sons. They pushed for the development of new product ranges: paint, wax crayons, modeling clay and face painting.

    • 1991


      JOVI opens a new commercial, administrative and logistic headquarter in El Prat de Llobregat, with an area of 5,500 sqm and capacity for 5,000 pallets. The company continues with the process of growth and professionalization.

    • 1995


      The company grows in external markets and already exports the 30% of its production to more than 80 worldwide countries.

    • 2005


      JOVI expands its factory and offices, reaching from 10,000 sqm. It relocates the Cosmetic division in a part of this new plant provided with the latest technology to successfully tackle the demands of external markets, destination of 80% of its production.

    • 2014


      JOVI commemorates 75 years and expects to continue growing during the coming years, with the same entrepreneurial spirit and the same dedication to service.

At JOVI we manufacture almost all of our products in our own factory in Barcelona, Spain. From there we supply thousands of clients across Spain and in many international markets.

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