PATMACHÉ - Papier maché air hardening clay

Ready-to-use, papier-mâché modelling material. It is lightweight and clean and dries at room temperature. It is easy to knead and mould.

Once dry, it can be decorated with paint, or, alternatively, you can decorate it with small objects after applying a coat of varnish.

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  • Application Techniques
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  • Ready to use. There is no need to mix it or wait until you can use it.
  • A homogeneous clay that contains just the right amount of water.
  • Does not stain, unlike traditional papier-mâché that is messy to work with.
  • Any clay left over can be put back in its plastic wrapper to prevent it from drying out.
  • Dries in the air (24-48 hours). Does not need firing in a kiln.
  • It has a fresh, pleasant feel.
  • Doesn’t stick to your hands.

A lightweight clay that floats once it has dried. It should be left to dry and a coat of varnish applied if you want to put it in water, otherwise the clay will disintegrate after a certain time. It is easy to knead and mould and can be used to make elongated or thin shapes. Volumes can be created by covering a form such as a glass, a balloon or wire with the clay. It dries slowly which makes it possible to polish the piece if necessary. If you dip your finger in water and rub it over a piece of your Patmaché artwork, this will improve the polished finish and help the pieces adhere to each other. Once dry, the objects are very resistant and can be coloured easily by painting them with our paints. They can be dried out in the oven.

  • Incorrect washing may result in the stain becomming embedded in the fibres.
  • Never dry a stained garment in the tumble dryer because it could be impossible to remove the stain afterwards. Let the stain dry completely.
  • Once the stain is dry, washing the garment on a normal cycle should be enough to remove the stain completely.
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